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If you love fireworks, you’ll love Fireworks & Chill. 
Discover a treasure hunt for fireworks across 7 unique worlds. Use your flame to light up torches, campfires, barrels, and more. Can you locate everything that’s hidden? Restart the game, and the objectives randomly re-position, making this hunt a challenge! Find them all and unlock incredible extra firework rewards. Make it to the end, and you won’t want to miss a fantastic firework-filled finale! 
Featuring intuitive, self-paced controls, minimal UI interactions, and no violence, this game is fun for the whole family. It even has multiple player slots to save your progress as you go. Challenge your friends to see who can find everything first.
 Easy to pick up, hard to find them all!
- An open world to waiting for you to explore
- Randomly hidden fireworks and objectives, making each play through unique
- Extra Firework rewards for completed objectives
- Intuitive teleportation movement
- Minimal UI to support the immersive experience
- A relaxing soundtrack to complement the adventure
- A torch for a hand!
Upcoming Releases
- Upgraded Torch with Progress Indicators & more
- BYOF: Build your own Fireworks!
- Oculus Leaderboards & Achievements
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